About the Travel Makers Project (Summer 2014)


The basic idea of the TravelMakers Project is to combine the elements of HITCHHIKING in Europe, doing STREET ART and workshops along the route, supporting SOCIAL PROJECTS and FILMING. This summer we will go with a group of initiative and proactive people on a extraordinary journey through Europe.


We believe that you can create and achieve good things with simple means. Everyone has personal strengths and skills in order to create something meaningful. The TravelMakers Project is a platform where we offer people the space and the opportunity to realize their own ideas while being part of a creative and productive team.


We want to support people who do not have the fortune to have such a project for various reasons but have to be concerned about much more elementary things in life. That is why we set a high value on funding sustainable social projects with a proper outcome. We chose a social project which is at our final destination in Istanbul, also to have an aim to arrive there.


We are simple, everyday people doing something extraordinary, seeking for stuff that encourages and gives energy. We want to show that you can be a real changemaker while having unique personal travel experiences on a low budget base. Working on something while having a good time gives us the motivation to realize this project.

Our hitchhiking documentary

Forever in our hearts

This documentary is from our former hitchhiking project called Euroadtrip2012.

The wild adventures on Europe’s roads, meeting the local people and getting in exchange with them and finding the expected, the most beautiful thing in life.

Get the taste of real freedom and unique life experiences!


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Our travel route

06th of August – 28th of September 2014

Our route that we are going to hitchhike. 11 destinations, 7 countries, about 4000 kilometers.
Big cities, unknown cozy towns, pure nature, beach session… We will have it all.
We think that there is nothing else to say.

Pictures of our former Euroadtrip2012 Project

Alex Yair von Pentz

Alex Yair von Pentz

Street artist and co-organizer

It wasn't only about hitchhiking across 10 countries, it was the opportunity to work as a street artist in any of these countries in order to support people who need the profit much more than I do. It was the combination of unexpected travel experiences and hard work dedicated to social causes.

Frieder Rabl

Frieder Rabl

Sports man and fearless maker

For me the Euroadtrip2012 was learning to be part of a group, respecting the others and yourself. Finding your place in the group. supporting each member, keeping up the spirit and coping with difficulties. And of course the the joy of adventure.

Ondřej Klus

Ondřej Klus

Camera man and film maker

I had the best two months of my life because of the Euroadtrip2012 Project. This was the opportunity that I was waiting for and an experience for lifetime. I will participate again this year for sure.

Jorin Eichhorn

Jorin Eichhorn

Inventor and organizer

The former Euroadtrip2012 showed me how much you can learn out of such a project, which is difficult to put in a few words. Of course, I hope that the project is successful this year too.

Torsten Seidler

Torsten Seidler

Cinematographer and photographer

The project in 2012 has changed me completely. It made me a more positive human being and it was the greatest experience in my life. I miss the time on the road with these amazing people. Genuinely.