In order to have a good result for this project and an exciting adventure we need to set up some agreements to which everybody needs to stick with. When you join us be sure that you will have read them as you need to confirm them. Please read each point carefully.


All passport and visa issues are alone your personal duties…

Depending on what kind of passport you have and what nationality you are, it is your responsibility to concern yourself with the passport issues. Please keep in mind that you need a Schengen Visa if you come from a country which is not in the Schengen area. The Travel Makers Project Team cannot deal with any of your personal passport questions.
As a rough rule of thumb your passport ought to be valid at least 6 months at the point of time when you enter a country. So for our Travel Makers Project, your passport should be valid at least until April 2015. Inform yourself in advance and consider that an (re)application of your passport may take a couple of weeks. Besides, during the trip you should always have some photocopies of it on you and keep them in different spots in case of loss or theft.


Respect towards the people and culture…

It is close to our hearts that you behave friendly, polite and fair towards everyone that you are going to encounter. These are the participants of our group, the drivers that take us, the different hosts and everybody else. Also respect towards the culture wherever you are is absolutely necessary. In fact, nobody wants to have anything to do with a rude and intolerant person.

We’re pretty sure that everything will be good. Though in case if it comes to awkward situations or group adverse behavior, we will decide in the whole group how to deal with the individual case. In case of doubt we reserve our right to exclude participants ahead of time. We hope that such a precedent won’t come up.


We need dedicated and motivated people…

To say it outright: This is a serious hitchhiking project and not a adventure sightseeing tour through Europe. Of course we will also have some time for our own pleasure. But the main purpose of this project is to create and compile things in our group. We know that it requires a lot of energy and endurance to do such things while being on the road. But we also want to live up to the spirit of Travel Makers.


Independency and responsibility are important traits…

Out of our experience we prefer to announce this clearly. Of course we always feel a little bit responsible for you since we have initiated and launched the whole project. We do help whenever we can but also we set some clear boundaries where there is no individual help for everyone possible anymore. The Travel Maker Project is not a travel agency.

We want to remind you again that this is going to be a hitchhiking trip which differs from a regular holiday trip. Unexpected things will happen and you will have to deal with them. This means it is not certain if and when a destination will be reached and under which circumstances.

In this sense we expect of you a certain extend of independency, reliability and foresight.


What you should do in advance before the trip starts…

There is of course your personal stuff that you should arrange. Tent, sleeping bag, talisman and so on. Apart from that and much more important for this project: you should also make up and prepare the things that you intend to do on the road. Be creative how you can do something really cool with little or no material. Flashmobs, a dancing choreography, a public yoga session, a public picnic somewhere on the main square, a puppet theatre, video performances, unique jewelry… there are endless things one can do. You are a good photographer? Great, but only telling us you take pictures is not enough. Are you going to create a special photo collage? Or take pictures of participants for a self-made photo story? That’s also a part of what Travel Makers is about, so please go for it!


The procedure on the road…

During the trip, we will always hitchhike in couples. Don’t panic if you don’t have someone. We will have enough participants and we will decide spontaneously anyway when everybody is present. To see who is already on board, you can have a look at our Facebook group.

If we have the same amount of ladies and gentlemen, we’ll always have mixed couples. If there will be more male than female participants, we will also have male couples. If there are more female than male participants, we will also have teams of two women and one man.

Minimum participation period

Minimum participation period is Two Weeks…

It is best if you stay with us for the whole trip which enables us to get to know each other really well and to spend a great time. However, we keep in mind that you perhaps cannot make it the whole trip and you may have some other plans.
Yet, in order to keep it profitable for both you and the group, we’ve set a minimum participation period of two weeks.


We cannot pay any compensation or expenses…

Sometimes people ask us if we can pay their expenses of the trip for their contributions to the TravelMakers Project. We are neither a professional travel agency with a budget nor is it the idea of our endeavors. All your participation is meant to be for free and you will be ultimately recompensed with a lot better things than money. Those funds that we raise are in first line for our socials projects that we are supporting and for the expenses that we have for project internally.

CouchSurfing profile

We advise you to have a profile at CouchSurfing…

We will organize a lot through CouchSurfing and thus it is highly recommendable that you have a profile there. Alternatively, a profile on or can be used. Since we will try to find hosts along the way, we will go make sure that your profile looks good. If not, we advice you to update your information. Do this as soon as possible please! For various reasons, some people are not motivated to host someone who doesn’t have any references at all and thus doesn’t really have a “profile” in its literal sense.

Language skills

Your English language skills should be at least average…

In order to be able to communicate within the group, you should have an average level of English speaking skills. Of course, other languages such as Russian, German or any other from the countries we are going through will be very advantageous. If you understand the Agreements here you do not have to worry.


Material requirements

This is not mandatory, rather an advice…

We recommend to have a tent and a sleeping bag in a handy format with you because we will stay sometimes in spots where this stuff will be necessary (e.g. beach or lake). Ultimately it’s up to you how you deal with this.

That’s it about the agreements of the Travel Makers project. We hope that this will be sufficient in order to have a great and successful trip.

Now it’s time to join us!

Please consider visiting our FAQ for further questions