We’ve listed here some frequently asked questions and the appropriate answer to it.
This list will be extended if necessary or the relevant menu item will be revised by us once again.


When and where is this project happening?

Answer: We start on 06th of August 2014 in Berlin and finish at the 28th of September 2014 in Istanbul. Please check our route and dates.

I’d like to take part in the hitchhiking trip less than the whole period, is that fine?

Answer: Yes, not everybody will be able to stay with us all the time due to different reasons. However, the minimum participation period is two weeks (14 days).

What are the conditions for taking part in the Travel Makers project as a hitchhiker?

Answer: Please check the menu item Agreements.

I’m not a good street artist or not an artist at all. Am I eligible for this project even though?

Answer: Yes sure! It is in first line not to have talent but to be creative with your skills that you already have. So don’t worry, go ahead and join us if you are ready for the road.

For some sort of reason I can’t take part in the hitchhiking trip itself. Are there other possibilities to contribute something?

Answer: Yes, there are definitely opportunities. For example you can be part of the project team. Please get in touch with us here.

Can you tell me how much the trip will cost approximately?

Answer: We can’t give you a number here. It depends very much on your travel style. Consider the fact that we will neither pay for transport nor for accommodation. Only for our food and maybe for some materials when we do street art, which we will need some money.

Why donate something at all and what happens with the money afterwards?

Answer: All funds that we are going to raise will be forwarded to the social projects that we fund. With your donation you show us that you appreciate our work, hopefully enjoy the videos and do something worthwhile for people in need.

Can I donate something and get issued an official receipt which can be used for my tax declaration?

Answer: This year we have decided to launch our fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo and since we are not an official NGO we cannot issue anything which is tax deductable.

Are you earning money out of this project for yourselves?

Answer: No, this is not our intention. All money that we will raise like donations through the website and street arts will be given to the social projects as they are mentioned on our website

How do I actually come back home again when the project and the hitchhiking trip is over?

Answer: This lies in your responsibility. It would be cool if you use an ecological way to do it like the bus or train – or hitchhiking.

How do you manage to hitchhike with a whole group from one place to the next one?

Answer: We will do this in couples, sometimes maybe three persons in one group. Since we did this kind of project already two years ago, we know that this is no problem at all.

My hitchhiking partner cancelled or I don’t have any at all. What can I do?

Answer: No worries, this will be managed spontaneously anyway once we are on the road. And it is more fun to switch the hitchhiking partner to get to know the whole group better.