About our fundraising

Basic intention

Our spirit is that the hitchhiking trip is not only for our personal fun but should have a sustainable effect for bigger circle of people who are in need. We aim to make small but real change. That’s why we set a high value on the sustainability of the social projects that we support. We take care as much as we can, so that all donations are used directly for the effected people.

Sustainable work

Our personal desire is to support something meaningful and serious, thus taking over social responsibility. Besides, we take special care that the organization behind the social projects have no religious, missionary or specific political motives or background. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the projects that we present below.


All donations that we collect, whether through online donations or through street art performances, will be forwarded to the Small Projects Istanbul.
We are looking forward for your help.

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Our supported project: “Small Projects Istanbul

Short description

The “Small Projects Istanbul” is a help center for Syrian refugees. Their aim is to support and provide assistance to refugees with basic needs like shelter, food and clothing. And also, guide them in the process of rebuilding their new life.

Help in any form is necessary here. This can be financially or simply by investing your own time and skills. Teaching the kids in something as a volunteer, helping with carrying and coordinating the shopping for the families or whatever is coming up.

The team is a group of life advocates and also globally-thinking people from many different parts of the world with the same commitment.

For further information: www.smallprojectsistanbul.com