Transparency is a basic element in order to gain trust. We want to show as comprehensible and simple as possible what happens with the funds that raised in either way, performing street art and through our Fundraising Campaign on IndieGoGo. Please make yourself a picture and decide if we do a helpful and sustainable job. We are answering the four basic following questions:


1. How many donations did we make during our trip by different street art performances or at other occasions?

2. What exactly is the $1000 for that you claim in the IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign? List of expenses

3. What is the current donation account balance, which amount is available for the ‘Small Projects Istanbul‘?

4. What exactly is the money being spent for at Small Projects Istanbul?



1. Overview of the donations that we made during the trip by doing street art or other occasions

The amount of 505€ correspond to $645


2. What exactly do we need the $1000 for that we claim from the donations? The list of our expenses

Last updated: 23.01.2015


Pictures of proof:

Printing stickers for a total of 1100,- Lei ($313)

Theme for the website from themeforest, actual price is $55

Logos from

Skype conversations to landline phones







Calenders Indiegogo perks

Printing t-shirts and canvas bags for Indiegogo perks














3. What is the current amount of donation which is available for the social project ‘Small Projects Istanbul‘?

We have created a donation account where we always update the picture below and we made a page with screenshot for every single detail.

Last updated 23.01.2015

>>>For more details about every transaction check our
special detailed page with screenshots<<<



4. What exactly is the money going to be spent for at ‘Small Projects Istanbul‘?

We gave all the remaining donations to Small Projects Istanbul since we think they know best what they need money for and how to use it. For details please check out the Facebook Page of Small Projects Istanbul

Jorin hands over the donation of the TM team to Nicole, treasurer of the SPI